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Loan Officer
Claire Morris
Claire Morris is known for integrity, diplomacy, and sincerity in all her dealings. I strive first and foremost to be someone whom my clientele and colleagues can put their trust and faith in.
NMLS# 273781
Loan Officer
Todd Kurio
Todd is a native of Austin. He received his undergraduate finance degree from the University of Texas and his MBA from Texas Tech. He began his mortgage banking career in 1992 with Lumbermen’s Investment Corporation.
NMLS# 216616
Loan Officer
Scott Sanderson
Following graduation from the University of Texas, Scott began his lending career in 1984 with Capitol City Savings. Before joining Capstar Lending, he founded and managed Central Texas Mortgage Corporation for more than 20 years.
NMLS# 213254
Loan Officer
Randy Atkinson
While the world of mortgages and real estate can often feel confusing, I am committed to bringing transparency to the process. In each transaction, I strive to educate clients regarding the loan process, keep them informed, and answer all of their questions thoroughly.
NMLS# 312533
Loan Officer
Nora Slyter
For more than 25 years, Nora has exceeded client expectations with her knowledge, integrity, and dedication. Ensuring clients have a positive experience, and secure a loan tailored to their individual needs is her top priority.
NMLS# 216612
Loan Officer
Michael Scott
Michael is a native Texan who received both undergraduate and MBA degrees from the University of Texas. He began his mortgage banking career in 1986 with Lumbermen’s Investment Corporation (LIC), where he led their Secondary Marketing group.
NMLS# 216603
Loan Officer
Mark Abernathy
Mark graduated from the University of Texas and began his mortgage banking career in 1990 with Lumbermen’s Investment Corporation(LIC), where his loan volume consistently ranked him among the top in the country.
NMLS# 216608
Loan Officer
Ken Ziegler
I have a simple philosophy which is to help others live their best life. For my clients this means providing a very high level of service so that you feel confident, comfortable and informed that you are making the best possible home loan decision for your financial future.
NMLS# 1642659
Loan Officer
Jeff Seibert
Jeff is a native Texan and graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. After more than 20 years with Chase Bank, he has served mortgage lending industry since 2001. Jeff loves to help people navigate the process of financing a home, likely their largest and most important purchase.
NMLS# 394308
Loan Officer
Cody Daniel
Cody earned his economics degree at the University of Texas and has served the lending industry since 2002. He continued his education on the job, becoming a Todd Duncan-certified mortgage planner, and attending The Summit Training Seminar, with the top 10% of the mortgage industry.
NMLS# 216631
Loan Officer
Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens began originating mortgage loans in 1998 after graduating from the University of Texas. When not financing houses, he is keeping up with his wife and two kids, watching UT sports, enjoying the Sturdy Shannon’s at Maudie’s #2, and working with the local neighborhood association and the city planning contact team.
NMLS# 216606

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