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Selling your home with pets

First Bank – Selling your home with pets

5 things to do when selling your home with pets

This may be hard to believe, but potential buyers do not want to get to know your furry family member. If you are trying to sell your home, but have a pet, here are a few things you can do to help buyers overcome this potential hurdle.


  1. Get rid of all the smells.

Even the cleanest pets can have an unpleasant scent. The way a home smells is often the first impression a buyer has, so do what it takes to get rid of any pet smells or odors.


  1. Clean up the backyard

When potential buyer shows up, they will want to explore every part of your home. That includes the backyard where your pet leaves little “presents” for you. Don’t turn away potential buyers because they got something they didn’t want on their shoes while exploring. Thoroughly clean up the backyard.


  1. Put away the pet toys

Ideally, a future buyer should not know that you have a pet. Be sure to pick up toys, put away beds, and even put away food bowls. If you can’t hide everything, at least consolidate everything neatly into a single location.


  1. Fix any damage caused by pets

Sometimes, pets aren’t always the most careful roommates. If your pet has damaged the floor, the window sill, or anything else, be sure to take the time to repair or replace it before showing the house.


  1. Remove pets for the showing

There is no doubt this is difficult, but it’s always best to make sure the pet is not there when the house is being shown. Take your dog for a walk, have the cat stay with a friend; or consider boarding your pet if you must – simply put, do everything you can to make sure the pet isn’t home when the house is being shown.


If you’re ready to sell your home and find another, be sure to check out First Bank’s mortgage options to get great rates and easy loan pre-approval.


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