Reconsideration of Value

After reading and understanding the Reconsideration of Value Overview document, please provide complete and accurate details which support your basis for the reconsideration request (ROV). If the form provides insufficient space, feel free to include additional information in your email or a separate word document. The more information you provide, the better the appraiser will be able to address your concerns. Should you have any questions about how to complete the form, contact your loan officer.

Reconsideration of Value

Purpose of Reconsideration of Value

Select all options that apply to your request.

General Guidelines of Acceptable Comparable Sales

  • Comparable sale must be for a closed purchase, no listings or contingent sales can be considered.
  • The closed date must be no more than 12 months prior to the effective date on your appraisal and cannot be after the effective date on your appraisal.
  • You must provide at least 2 additional comparables up to a total of 5.
  • The comparable sale must be proximate to your home. While proximity may vary based on the rural or urban location of your home, keep in mind that the closer (and more similar in characteristics) the comparable,
    the more likely it will be considered appropriated and acceptable. If you live in a subdivision, condominium project, or PUD, recent sales in your development of similar homes are the most persuasive.
  • Proximity is determined “as the crow flies” rather than the driving mileage between the comparable.
    *Visit to help determine the “crow flies” distance from the subject property and proposed comp.*
  • The Gross Living Area of the comparable should be comparable to the subject property, typically the difference
    in GLA should be less than +/-20% of the subject.
  • Comparable sales should have similar characteristics including the style of the home, size of the lot, GLA, room/bedroom/bathroom count, age, condition, and quality of construction.

Please do not supply more than 5 sold comparables for the appraiser to review.

Appraisal Information

Property Address
Property Address

ROV Request Reason Summary

Proposed Comparable(s) for ROV

Please provide a concise narrative below each comparable to explain why you believe the comparable provided is superior to those selected by the appraiser.
How many comparables do you wish to add?

1st Proposed Comparable for ROV


2nd Proposed Comparable for ROV


3rd Proposed Comparable for ROV


4th Proposed Comparable for ROV


5th Proposed Comparable for ROV


Confirm, Sign, and Date Application


To read more about the Reconsideration of Value process, click here. 

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