Preparing Your Home for Long-Term Togetherness

You may already be there – having the whole family together, all day, every day to avoid contracting or spreading the Coronavirus. If you’re not there, you probably will be at some point. With work schedules and school schedules and just overall togetherness, it can be easy for chaos to ensue if you don’t establish physical boundaries and expectations in your home. Here are some tips to help you arrange your home in the event everyone is hunkered down together long-term.

Create a School Area

If you have school-aged children at home, try to establish a “classroom space” separate from their bedrooms. It could be the kitchen or dining room table or maybe an empty room where you set up card tables. If possible, also set up school hours in your home. For example, everyone will be “in school” from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. This establishes a regular routine and gives your kids a specific space where they know they are expected to focus. It also keeps any school stress out of their bedrooms, which are supposed to be their safe spaces.

Define Dedicated Play Areas

These are the areas of your home where fun and play are acceptable any time of the day. The entire family can be loud and not have to worry about disturbing someone who is working, reading or needing quiet time. If your house is small, play areas may be the bedrooms, which have doors that close. Whichever spaces you choose, family members know they go there to let loose and have fun, regardless of their volume.

Establish No-Play or Quiet Zones

With so many people working from home through the pandemic, it’s important that your kids know which spaces are off limits during work hours. If you make a lot of phone calls or participate in video conferencing, you probably don’t want them chasing each other behind your or raising their voices nearby. Just as you will respect their classroom space, they must respect your work space.

The average American family is not used to spending weeks in lockdown together under one roof. While it makes for some fun family bonding, it can also cause arguments, stress and hurt feelings if you don’t establish and enforce proper boundaries and expectations in your home.

First Bank wishes you peace and good health during these uncertain times.

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