Annual Goal Worksheet

Annual Goal Worksheet

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STEP 1: How much cash do you want to stash?

We all know about how much money it takes for us to provide for our family and our basic costs of living. But what about the other things? You also need money for college, a new vehicle or to take that awesome vacation. What about saving for your retirement? Let's start with your goal for how much money you want to bring home this year after taxes. Enter it below in the "Target Take Home Income" field.


STEP 2: Don’t Forget Uncle Sam & Taxes

Let’s determine the amount of money you’ll have to actually make to be able to reach your target take-home income goal after federal and state income taxes are withdrawn.

= $

Whether you’re purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing one, all it takes is a few minutes to complete the first step in our application process.

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