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7 Ways To Cool Your Home This Summer

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is in full swing here in Texas and it is HOT! Read on for a few tips to help keep your house and yourself cool!

1. Close those blinds!

Keeping your blinds closed during the day is an effective method to keep direct sunlight out of your home and reduce unwanted solar heat gain.

2. Switch up your fan rotation!

Did you know that the direction of your ceiling fans during the summer should be counterclockwise? This helps create a downdraft, which pushes air down and provides a cooler breeze. This is an easy and effective method to help keep your cool!

3. Let the hot air out.

If outdoor temperatures are cooler than indoors, open your windows to let the hot air out and let the cooler air in. (Texas Tip: Make sure you have sufficient screens to keep bugs away.)

4. Consider giving your bed a mini makeover!

Are the rising temperatures giving you night sweats? Swap your sheets to a cooling cotton alternative and ditch your heavy comforter for an open-weave, 100% cotton blanket. This material is cooler than microfiber or woven bedding. 

5. Maintain Your A/C Unit.

Contact an HVAC professional to get your A/C checked and ensure it’s working properly. If you notice power failure, blown fuses, humidity in the air, moisture around the unit, or worn-out evaporator coils, it may be time to repair or replace your unit.

6. Make long-term improvements to your home.

As much as we want to have the A/C as high as possible and soak up the cool air, it drives up your electric bill. Upgrade to a more reliable cooling system, treat your windows inside and out, invest in cooler lighting

and appliances. These upgrades can help keep your home cool without having the A/C on full blast and could save money in the long run. 

7. Get out of the kitchen!

Using the stove-top or oven heats up your home almost immediately. Looking for alternatives that don’t up your take-out bill? Fire up your grill! Take advantage of the grilling season and cook a variety of foods outside – steak, chicken, veggies, and even pizza can be cooked outdoors. Enjoy the outdoors, keep the house cool (and the kitchen cleaner) – it’s a win-win (-win)!

Keeping your house and yourself cool, helps keep you and your family safe during the summer. 

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