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5 Budget Upgrades That Improve Your Home’s Value

With so much of the country in quarantine right now, the number of homes on the market has declined. This could be good news for sellers who have upgrades they want to make before selling their homes. If you have extra time on your hands, these inexpensive home upgrades will improve its value.

1. Paint

It almost seems too simple to be true, but believe it. A fresh coat of paint both inside and outside is a simple and relatively affordable way to add value and life to your home. It’s also something the whole family can do if you don’t want to hire someone. If you really want to get creative, find tutorials online for painting your floors, as well. Neutrals appeal to the greatest number of people. Keep this in mind when you are selecting paint colors.

2. Door knobs, Lighting and Faucets

Something as simple fixtures can date your home. To add a more modern flare, especially if your home is older, update your door knobs. Interior door knobs should all be the same. Exterior door knobs can be different from the interior ones but should be match the shade (silver, gold, black, etc.) of the interior knobs. The same goes for lighting fixtures and faucets. Everything should match. Energy efficient lighting is a plus.

3. Landscaping

Your landscaping doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, low maintenance landscaping adds both curb appeal and value to your home, provided it stays well maintained. Splashes of color in your landscaping are nice, but don’t let them overtake your yard. Consider plants native to your region. If you live in a dry area, use plants and shrubs that are drought resistant. If you live in a swampy region, choose landscaping that can handle large amounts of moisture.

4. Your Entryway

Your landscaping and your front door area are the first impressions buyers have of your home. Make them count. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Even better, if it’s in your budget, buy a new, more energy efficient front door. If space permits, add a decorative bench with nice cushions or some plants in decorative planters on your porch. Hang something decorative on your front door. Fix cracks or loose bricks on your front porch or stoop. Make people excited about entering your home.

5. Kitchen

Kitchen upgrades could be costly, especially if you need to replace your appliances for newer, more energy efficient ones. Start with your kitchen aesthetics. Do your cabinets age your home? Refinish them with paint or stain. Replace cabinet fixtures. Remember to match them to other fixtures in your home. Upgrade your flooring. Discount home improvement stores offer many affordable DIY options. Declutter your cabinets and counter tops. Only keep what you need.

Depending on the age of your home, it may need more than this. However, starting with these five inexpensive home upgrades will add value without damaging your budget.

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