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8 Halloween Safety Tips

Trick-or-treat! Let’s stay safe and have no fear! Halloween is a fun time for everyone! From trick-or-treating with your children, or passing out candy to your friendly neighborhood ghouls and princesses.

Early is Always Best

Try and trick-or-treat before dusk to keep better track of your children as well as being visible to others. Plus, you will have the best selection of candy if you go early!

Mask V.S. Face Paint

Costume mask is a fun part of the costume, but can sometimes be hard for children to see through. V.S. a face paint your child won’t have to lift their mask up to talk to a fellow trick-or-treater and can easily see where they are going.


To keep your children visible, encourage bright costumes, if not have them wear glow sticks and flashlights. Try adding reflective strips or tapes to their costume as an added measure of safety.

Safety in numbers

Always stay in a group and vigilant of your child. Ask another parent to help chaperone. For an extra safety, measurement adds discretely to your child’s costume their name, address and phone number or to a bracelet in case they get separated from the group.

Traffic Rules

Go over these safety traffic rules with your kids, such as stopping and looking both ways before crossing a street. When crossing at a light, make sure you have the proper walk signal before proceeding.

Know your neighbors

Not everyone enjoys trick-or-treaters knocking on the door. Look for decorations and porch lights on. Knock on the doors of your neighbors you know, but remind your tricker-or- treaters they should not go inside anyone’s home.

Stick to the Route

Never take shortcuts through an alley or cut through someone’s yard, there can be glass or other objects that can lead to injury. Stay in well-lit neighborhoods where there are other families around to stay visible.


Now for the fun part, all parents have been waiting for, to taste the candies before giving the green light. Make sure your children wait to taste their candy until after it’s been inspected by you. Look for any tampering or punctured holes in sealed candy.

We hope you enjoy these 8 Halloween safety tips to keep you and your family safe. Most of all we hope you enjoy your home neighborhood and your community! Share with us the fun Halloween treats your neighborhood community has in store this Halloween.

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